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Hi All, I'm Lizzie the Owner of Lizzie Studios and have enjoyed serving people long before I stepped into serving couples through Wedding Filmmaking. As someone who has gladly been a bridesmaid in over 8 weddings, beginning to hold a camera throughout the day was a welcome and natural step. My heart for you on your wedding day is to be fully present with your people, knowing that you have a peaceful person behind the camera capturing all the moments you'll soon want to relive, share or remember. 


Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri

a Christian summer camp moved me out of the midwest about 7 years ago. On staff as a Program Director turned Graphic Designer turned general resident Creative, my sweet spot became meeting new people and documenting stories of life change at camp. I was buying camera equipment to make recruitment videos and volunteered to film a friends wedding - low and behold,  I got hooked and here we are.



I got to dress up all my friends and marry my best friend, Matt, on August 6th, 2022. It was the BEST. We love most Colorado things like our dog, friendship, hiking, biking, camping and we did love craft beer until we both accidentally became gluten free. Individually, you can find me at trader joes, thrift stores, and frequenting local coffee shops.

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Stories & Service.

I believe weddings are a story, not a show. They are for the Bride, Groom and guests and not the vendors. I grew up watching wedding films that captured emotions of the day - sound bites, the crackling of a fire, laughs with friends - it's different to relive those moments than to slap a fast song over some clips. Many wedding videographers offer what ends up looking like a promotional video - it's clean, the shots are great, but you don't experience the emotion that the real moment had everyone in. That's what Lizzie Studio's comes to capture for keeps and share back with you. 

I am a stop to pick up the trash person...

Not because I am so great, but because Jesus first served me and teaches me how. So, I am looking for ways to make your day run smother, calmer, and more joyfully. You can expect a peaceful person behind the camera there to cheer you on! 



Recently, I've been listening to Maggie Rogers, Kacey Musgraves, Mahlia Jackson, Gregory Alan Isakov, Carole King, and always my beloved Mumford and Sons.

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One time some friends and I climbed a 14er and was graciously rescued by two Search & Rescue teams and The National Gaurd on a black hawk helicopter. Stay on the Trail, folks.


I'm generally a sucker for non-fiction biographies or faith based books OR I forget to read entirely. I recently finished The Night is Normal by Alica Britt Chole and it was literally like going to counseling.

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1. I can come up with many ideas for any given situation on the spot. 2. I spend way to much time thinking about COLORS. 3. I'm dreaming up something, constantly - usually against my will.


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