Colorado Springs Wedding Videography


I'm hooked on telling good stories through candid moments - specifically love stories (the best kind - romantic or not) & telling them as beautifully as I know how.

What's Lizzie Studios About!?

Colorado Springs Wedding Videography

Authentic, lifelong love!


Love is patient, love is kind

love's not blue or undefined, 

love came down and died for me

so I could live vicariously. 

I was working at a Summer Camp, year round doing their graphic design and social media. It was a blast - but I was having a hard time sitting all day long staring at a computer. Maybe you get it?

I had been doing wedding videos on the side and realized I LOVED working behind the camera, getting to know people, creating art and giving them something meaningful to hold onto forever.

Then God started nudging me...

He nudged me right out of my job and right into starting a business.


Therefore - Lizzie Studios was born!


I started carrying a camera around in high school as my friend and I convinced our Broadcast teacher to start a Film class. For four years we made a bunch of stuff. Then I went to college and forgot all about it.

That is, until a video would be needed for something...then I'd pick my camera back up and think, DANG this is FUN.


Eventually this happened enough to where I got some more training and practice to be proud of what I making.


I'm a big believer in

life-long learning and am always seeking to improve my craft and learn from those around me - including YOU!

You can find me...

Singing in the car - making a pour-over - praying - catching up with friends - de-stressing by laying on the floor - finding local restaurants - traveling - riding my bike - hiking - camping - borrowing other people's dogs - at trader joe's - Martini in hand - podcast playing - taking a morning walk - journaling - making avocado toast on naan - watching gilmore girls in the fall - dreaming about vintage furniture & clothing - thrifting - or cleaning my room for the 2nd time this week


One time I was hiking a mountain in Colorado, summited the top and then got stuck on the way down and was airlifted out by the national guard.


My pinkies are know the little finger on each hand? Those. If i put them together they make a heart.


I am from Kansas City, Mo.

& will always have a soft spot for its city skyline, jazz, coffee shops, and people.

Colorado Wedding Videographer

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