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Megan & Ethan Wedding Film


The Feature Film

No time cap on filming, 12-15 minute film, wholistic retelling of your wedding day. Elongated moments in time of first looks, little candid moments between family and friends, hugs, tears, and laughter. Everything your day represents in a raw and untouched, but cinematically beautiful way. Thirty second highlight reel included.


The Classic Film

**most popular**

Nearly all day hour filming experience (6 to 8 hours), 7 to 9 minutes in length. Authentic in nature, organic, full of raw moments and anticipation in the first half, often a party in the second half. Audio of your vows (or letters) played over the days events to present a cohesive and beautiful re-telling of your story. I look for you and your partner's personality throughout the day to bring it into the details of the final film.


The Reflection Film

5 Hour filming experience, this is around a 3 to 5 minute film put to song. A visual re-telling of your day and the people a part of it over good music. This is not a cheesy rendition - it aims to capture as much depth as the other films. I have found 5 hours generally captures the ceremony through first dances. You are welcome to choose any 5 hours you'd like. 


Colorado Springs Wedding Photography


Do you travel outside Colorado?

Can I request a package even if it's not listed above?

Who will film and edit my video?
Lizzie is your cinematographer and editor, my stamp of approval and touch is on everything. You will not receive a half - hearted product.I look through EVERY clip pulling out the best to tell your story to it's fullest extend. 

Will camera equipment interfere with our decorations?
Not on my watch! I am passionate about aesthetics and sticking to a simple non-intrustive set up on your wedding day. 


Colorado Springs Wedding Palmer Park

How did Lizzie Studios get started?

Ready or Not!

Know what investment fits you or still deciding? Let's chat on the phone and I'll help you figure out what meets your list! 

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