What to

I truly view my role as a documenter of your day capturing laughter, tears, & cheers. I work easily with any photographer and stay out of their way while capturing dreamy footage for your video. I love reading the room and may ask you to dance, run, or do something fun to add artistic value, a moment of rest or meaning to your day. 


Candid moments, story telling, good music, artsy, fun, just be yourselves, details, laughter, friends & family, dancing, adventure, a little vintage, a little dreamy, a whole lot of love.

Who shows up?

It's just me, Lizzie. Simple set up to move quickly with wedding events, alert, intuitive to situations, adaptable to change of plans and ready for a celebration! I'll be carrying a  backpack with strategic gear, microphones to hide on your apparel and will be involuntarily tearing up behind the camera at least twice, don't worry I bring my own tissues.

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Next Steps

1. Fill out contact sheet to get in touch!


This helps me understand what you are looking for, make sure I am available that day, and answer and make it or break it questions you have right away!


2. We have been connected! I'll read through your contact sheet, make sure your date is open and email you back with a link to schedule a phone call. Click that link & schedule a phone call!


Let's Talk

3. Few things substitute talking to another human being when planning a big event. I'll call you at the previously agreed upon time. We'll talk about your story, what's important to you on your wedding day, what package your looking at + why and what your schedule looks like! (No worries if you are still solidifying it!)



4. After we talk I'll send you a contract based on our conversation. You sign it, and we're ready to go.


Common Questions

Q: How do you choose a videographer you've never met?

A: You are choosing not just a videographer, but a person who will very present with you on your wedding day! Ask some questions to get to know them and see how you get along together! Think about what your expectations for your bridal party are and consider if your vendor fits in well.

Q: How do I know what to ask for in a wedding film?

A: Think of the moments in life that you wish you could relive. Think of the moments at weddings you've attended that bring emotion up for you. That's what you want to make sure to get on camera. My job is to make sure you can relive the look from dad or tears from the groom. Pick a package that fits what you want to keep to watch on a rainy day.

Ready to capture those mem's!?
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Working with Lizzie Studios was a highlight of our wedding! We were new to the videography world and didn't know what to ask for or what we really wanted. We just knew we wanted the video to showcase the best day of our lives. Lizzie was able to capture all the small moments. I cried watching our wedding video because it was a beautiful memory captured. Lizzie gives off best friend vibes. What more could you ask for?"

-Whitney & Dan Garcia