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Best Breweries in Colorado Springs

Traveling for your Colorado Springs wedding!? Colorado has a strong craft beer game. I am bias towards a couple places, but will include the opinions of my fellow beertreprenuers as well.

#1 Goat Patch

Come one come all to this unassuming brewery built out of an old school house! You won't meet a local that doesn't LOVE goat patch. You can always find what you want whether is an amber ale or and IPA.

Vibe: Classic Colorado Craft brewery

A garage door opens on the front of the building which is opened during warm weather. You'll see dogs galore on the patio if it's a nice day out!

Food? No, but there is always a food truck outside.

#2 Cerebrus Brewing Company

Ever heard of the three headed dog? Maybe their logo will jog your memory. This place is for you is your an IPA connoisseur. Seriously. I am not your IPA girl, so I opt for wine here, but the food and vibe is really fun so I keep coming back.

Vibe: Fun & a little funky

If you have a lot of people, this is a good place to come. There's a huge outdoor seating area complete with heat lamps in the wintertime. A big tent stretches over a wood-chipped lawn with chairs, tables, and barrels to stand and talk at. I don't think they do wedding receptions, but it looks like it might be one.

Food? Yes. Cerebrus has full menus, all delicious and artfully created.

#3 Bristol Brewing Company

Bristol has some of my favorite beer in town. Their Laughing Lab (Amber Ale) is a Colorado Springs staple, and their winter stouts are long awaited for. ,My IPA loving friends don't frequent here as often, but it's in such a cool location that they still come along for a time.

Vibe: Coloradan

Located in a huge, beautiful old school house called Ivy Wild, on the southside of town. Brick walls, simple interior, a round bar to sit around and shuffleboard. Their labels are the best designed in town (personal opinion).

Food? Yes! Choices, choices, choices - all yummy.

Bristol is your place for a group of people who all want different food options. The school hallway offers pizza, burgers, pretzels, salads and more. Cocktails and coffee are down the hall as well.

#4 Red Leg

Driving on Garden of the God's you may have noticed this massive round, metal, double storied, lawn situation before turning onto 31st street. Red Leg came to town in 2021 and has already established itself as a place for festivities. This brewery has the MOST space, if you're trying to take a large crowd somewhere - as long as it's summer.

Vibe: Playground

It's more like a park that happens to have beer (but the beer is great too!)

Food? Yes

They generally have a food truck outside and are working on building vendors into their venue. This is ever changing, but I would say there's a 90% chance you will find food here.

#5 Local Relic

Okay, it's not known for anything you'd usually look for in a brewery. They brew 18 rotating taps, if you find one you like - drink up because you might not find it again! Known for the most unique beer in town. If you want a new flavor, something wild, head to Local Relic.

Vibe: Alternative Cathedral

That's a vibe? Yes, I promise. It's an old church building turned into a beer, wine, and cocktail bar! Different parts of the room are devoted to each. It used to be filled with old church pews, but those were so unconventional for lounging on they finally switched to tables and chairs. Large outdoor space.


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