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Speakeasy's in Colorado Springs

I feel like I'm telling a secret. Listen up quick! Need a place to send your guests after the reception or want to sneak away with your boo, bachelorettes, or by yourself? These speakeasy's have got you. I didn't put every speakeasy on this list - so you can still have your fun of searching.

#1 The Archives Underground Libations

Yes, you walk through an alley way to enter and think you're going to walk into a kitchen - just go down the stairs. The archives is a fun space with knowledgeable baristas, low lighting, and big reflective bar up front. Best for deep conversations. Can fit a group of people easiest here. My favorite in town.

Vibe: Hotel lounge

No, there is no hotel above the Archives, but you can imagine sitting in the 1940s, old fashioned in hand, chatting with the neighboring table. Black and white photos of Colorado Springs past are scattered around the walls to teleport you back in time.

Food: Potentially...

However, right above The Archives is Colorado Craft, their other staircase leads straight into this local craft staple known for it's green chile soup - YUM. You can eat here first then head downstairs to avoid the alleyway. I hear you can order fries while downstairs, but have not tried to do this myself.

#2 Shame and Regret

Speakeasy's love alleyways - so head down another one. This is the easiest to spot, you'll see their neon sign hanging out of what looks like a parking lot. Across from an unassuming art gallery, Shame and Regret sits ready to welcome wanderers into it's arms.

Vibe: Gothic

Food: Yes - mouth watering upscale bites (serisouly)

#2 District Elleven

You can stay in the same alleyway as Shame and Regret - just walk a bit farther and cross the street to find this diamond in the rough. This is your place for privacy. Curtains hang separating benches, a vintage light pole sits in the center room. Their drinks are creative and you can always find one that sounds like it will kill you.

Vibe: Old West Meets Alternative Haunted House?

Taking suggestions for their vibe - this place has the best vibe in town (personal opinion) it truly feels like a speakeasy, tucked away in an alley, tucked away in your bench, great for cuddling.

Food: Yes - elevated comfort food


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