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Colorado Springs Wedding Venues

Beautiful Wedding Venues in Colorado Springs! Think you've seen every venue in a 50 mile radius - lets put that knowledge to the test! Here are my picks for aesthetic hidden gems you won't want to miss. Let's break them down into categories - find a venue that fits you best!

Modern Venues around Colorado Springs

Located in downtown Colorado springs, painted brick walls, unassuming building, airy, and easy to create the environment of your choice, this is the perfect space for a modern minimalist wedding.

#1 The Oak

Hip indoor and outdoor venue, a little north of Colorado Springs. Big building, plenty of natural light, cute decor, trendy floors, pond nearby, lounge that makes you feel like you should be smoking a cigar. Perfect for a classy day!

#3 Almagre

Behind a trendy Colorado Springs wine bar, is Almagre! Not only are they known for hosting banger New Years Eve parties, but weddings as well. Perfect for a city feel, high ceilings, easily decorated, comes already modern and posh.

Pro tip: Just need a place to get ready? SCP Hotel will fulfill all your modern aesthetic dreams.

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Garden Wedding Venues in Colorado Springs

#1 Garden of the Gods

Yes! You CAN get married in the middle of Garden of the Gods park! Right below kissing camels is an area perfect for wedding ceremonies. It is pretty bare bones, but absolutely beautiful without any effort and a perfect spot for an outdoor wedding with a view. Perfect for elopements or small weddings!

#2 Hillside Gardens

This venue is completely dreamy down to the bar-tending station. Greenery and flowers flood the Hillside, a wood covered outdoor reception area that fits plenty of people. Definitely has you wondering if you are Anne of Green Gables!

Trying to decide what venue might be the best for you? Shoot me an email and ask any questions you have! I've at least heard of if not been to most of the venues in Colorado Springs and would love to help you out.

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Barn Wedding Venues in Colorado Springs

#1 The Hearth House

Picket fences, stone fireplace, wood rafters, black and white buildings, and sliding barn doors. This is as farmhouse as it gets out west. A pretty venue just north of Colorado Springs in Monument.

#2 Mountain View Ranch

Mountain View...Check! Natural light leaks into the reception hall, beautiful rustic barn, plus a lake nearby. They say "rural charm with refined elegance" and that sounds about right!

Field Wedding Venue near Colorado Springs

#1 Fountain Creek Ranch

If you were looking an outdoor venue and reception with a covered tent just in case. Located south of Colorado Springs in the middle of a perfect field with a giant tree, this is your gold mine. Less farmhouse, more farm. On a cloudy day you might as well be in a movie. Remember that wedding scene in Harry Potter with the tent? Like that - but a little more country. A very cool 60s style house to get ready in.

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