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For the coffee in the morning, cheers in the evening,
get me on the dance floor - kind of couple

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A picture is worth a thousand words
A video is worth a thousand pictures

Lizzie Studios | Colorado Wedding Videography

I look for CANDID & CRUCIAL moments on your wedding day that are built from a history of hard conversations, wild adventures, early mornings, late nights, making the best out of the worst, laughing till you cry, dance parties in kitchens, mundane days, classy dinners, and  commitment.  Cheesy? Maybe. But it's TRUE.

Colorado Wedding Videography run by Lizzie (hi!) showing up on your wedding day to be a pal, defender of the bride or groom, and of course a filmmaker. 

I come to each wedding to film what you've already created. You picked the bridal parties, venue, dress, written the vows, - it's a summation of your story already. I mix all the pieces of your day together, and give it back to you, keeping the integrity I experienced it in.

The more wedding videographers in Colorado to observe on the sidelines, create art, and capture a story, the better. That's my goal. I specialize in wedding videography in Colorado to tell your story. Document it for your family and friends who couldn't attend or just to remind each other for the rest of your years. I'll be there tissues in hand, equipped, and delighted to celebrate the start of a very great adventure.

Each film is unique - because every couple is unique



You're not going to forget your wedding - but you are going to want to relive it. 

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Hana & Marshall
Lexi & Kevin
Lexi & Logan
Megan & Alex